Let's Sell Your Furniture!

Welcome to our furniture submission page!

As you scroll down this page, you'll learn exactly what we'll need from you in order to give your furniture the best opportunity to sell.

Before we can feature your furniture on our website, we need to ensure that we have quality photos and all of the relevant information about each piece you're looking to sell. Once we have that, we'll create a consignor account for you and get your furniture posted!

What We're Looking for In Photos

We want to make your furniture look awesome! By staging top-notch photos that show off its best features, we'll make your listing shine.

Here are some helpful tips on photographing your furniture:

  • The quality and number of photos of a listing should consider and reflect the price, condition and complexity of the item you want to sell
  • Remove items on or inside the piece, dust and clean it so that the buyer can visualize it in their own home
  • Compose your shots in landscape mode so that the featured item is obvious to the viewer – avoid background distractions
  • The best overall photo will be chosen as the lead image for your listing
  • Include a photo of distinctive detail that makes the piece special 
  • Include a photo of any major flaws on the piece
  • Photograph the brand label or plate (if available and accessible) in a closeup

Good Lighting

Good lighting is essential for capturing great photos. Ensure that the room you're in has sufficient lighting to accurately showcase your furniture's appearance.

Multiple Angles

The more angles you can show, the better it is for potential buyers to get the full picture and make an informed decision.


In the interest of transparency, please show any imperfections that could potentially impact a buyer's ability to fully appreciate the piece.


To maximize your furniture's selling potential, clear and high-resolution photos are crucial. While most cellphone quality pictures will suffice, ensuring clarity is key.

Examples of Good Photos

Pictures that give a good representation of the piece you are trying to sell.


When measuring your furniture, be sure to make note of the following:

  • Provide all measurements in inches, round up to the nearest ½ inch
  • Measurement must accurately represent the item when it is fully assembled
  • Measure from the deepest points for the height, length, & width.
  • For chairs, make sure you note the seat height as well as the seat back height.
  • If the item is round, measure the DIAMETER (from edge to edge at the widest point of the circle)
  • Always make sure to incorporate furniture moldings, irregular shapes, and anything else that would be important for the shipper to know prior to loading.
  • If there are parts that disassemble, please make note of it and provide measurements for all pieces involved.